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solea® – The new premium cookware range from Fissler
Idar-Oberstein, February 8, 2008 –
Nowadays, kitchens are places where exciting things happen. They are both the head and heart of a home, true masterpieces of design and functionality. It is for these kitchens and their cooks that Fissler, manufacturer of premium cookware, has developed its new solea® cookware line. It is outstanding in function and design – and an absolute must for sophisticated cooks with a sense of aesthetics.

Flawlessly functional
Solea® unites individual design and impeccable functions. The glass lid is light and elegant, and the concave pot body made of satin-finished stainless steel is solid and of high quality. The rimless lid of the solea® line can be inserted into any part of the rim of the pot for seasoning and stirring. It has been perfectly thought through. The condensate that runs down the lid drips back into the pot, and the stove stays clean. The beautifully shaped, comfortable metal handles are ovenproof, but stay cold when used for cooking on the stovetop.But not only the exterior of solea® is perfect; it also pays to take a look at the technical details.
The CookStar all-stove base heats the pot quickly, evenly, and using less energy, whether on a gas, electric, glass ceramic, or induction stove.
The practical pouring function puts an end to pouring acrobatics and makes an additional strainer unnecessary. A slight repositioning of the lid makes it possible to pour off the water from cooked potatoes or noodles easily and quickly. Through the rimless glass lid, you can clearly see the food as it cooks – and thus save energy. Besides, it is extremely impact-resistant. Due to the conical curvature of the tightly-closing glass lid, condensate that collects on the lid flows back into the pot. This function makes it easy to cook with little water, thus preserving vitamins.
Typical Fissler features, such as the pouring rim and measuring scale, plus stackability even of pots of the same size, round out the palette of product characteristics.

solea® with system
The brilliant combination of tapering and organic shapes makes solea® into a modern and distinctive line that adds an individual and unique premium design line to the Fissler Cookware Worlds and sets new standards in cooking.The Cookware Worlds guidance system, very successfully launched last year, is based on a simple perception: Not every cookware line is equally well suited for every cook. To guide the customer, Fissler has developed a system that is based on three design worlds: purist-classic, aesthetic-chic, and informal-traditional. Each of the Cookware Worlds includes appropriate cookware lines from the Premium and Comfort segment.

In the purist-classic design world, the customer will find the original pro collection® in the premium segment, while the timeless viseo range covers the Comfort segment. The intensa® cookware line reflects the aesthetic-chic design world. Its counterpart in the Comfort segment is the elegant black edition line. Those who prefer the informal-traditional design world can choose between the Mediterranean pots of the fiamma® Premium range and the attractive family line.

Classy cooking with solea® – Perfect every time.

About Fissler
Fissler GmbH has stood for high-quality cookware for decades. The company has been granted more than 200 patents and utility models in the past 50 years alone. The German family enterprise was founded in 1845 in Idar-Oberstein by Carl Philipp Fissler. Today the brand stands for cooking with pleasure and passion and is one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality cookware. The family enterprise employs a workforce of over 700. Fissler premium products are “Made in Germany” and distributed in more than 70 countries. For further information:


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