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Fissler’s solea® cookware line wins in the Cooking and Kitchen Utensils category
Idar-Oberstein, June 2008 – solea®, the new premium cookware line from Fissler, has been recognized as one of the outstanding KitchenInnovations of the year 2008. In a two-stage process involving assessments by a panel of experts and by consumers, solea® was victorious.

It can be so easy to cook beautifully, thought the Fissler product developers. And so they combined individual design with functions that have been thoroughly thought through, giving the line light and elegant glass lids and striking conical pot bodies made of satinized stainless steel. The result was true perfection. To enable seasoning and stirring, the rimless lid of the solea® line can be easily hooked in anywhere on the rim of the pot. Water that condenses on the lid simply drips back into the pot, and the stovetop stays clean. The beautifully designed, easy-to-grasp metal handles are ovenproof, but stay cold when used for cooking on the stovetop. Its successful combination of tapering and organic shapes makes solea® into a modern and unique line that sets new standards in cooking.

About the KitchenInnovation award: The “Better Living” initiative will be awarding the KitchenInnovation prize for the second time in 2008. Under the patronage of Minister for Economic Affairs Michael Glos, the initiative promotes innovations, quality, and brand awareness in the field of kitchen products, tableware, and dining culture in Germany. The prize will be presented in July 2008 at the Tendence Autumn + Winter fair in Frankfurt.

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