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FACT SHEET vitavit® pressure cookers
Idar-Oberstein, 11/02/2011

Fissler’s range of pressure cookers offers the right model for every cook - the vitavit® comfort, which has all of the basic functions of the new generation of pressure cookers, the vitavit® premium, with smart additional features, and the vitavit® edition, for people who want to have something truly extraordinary. They are all attractive and fast - and make cooking all the more enjoyable.

Innovative cooking level system - for cooking freedom

  • Two cooking settings: The vitavit® comfort has two cooking settings, which can be selected according to the ingredients being used and thus ensure that the vitamins the foods contain will be preserved to the greatest possible extent. The gentle setting is for delicate foods, such as fine vegetables or fish, while the speed setting is best for soups, meat, and many side dishes.
  • Steam setting: In addition, the vitavit® premium and the vitavit® edition offer a unique new cooking setting that works without any pressure and thus makes a separate steamer unnecessary. Perfect for gentle cooking of delicate ingredients.

Clear design lines that will shine in any kitchen

  • Pure design language: Reduced, modern lines are characteristic of the new generation of pressure cookers from Fissler. Thanks to the conical shape of the pot bodies, all of the models are stackable and make space-saving storage possible.
  • That certain something: The handle elements of the vitavit® edition set new accents. Two short handles instead of the familiar long or safety loop handle and a curved, bow-shaped lid handle align it visually with the premium cookware lines solea® and intensa®.

Intelligent functions - easy and safe

  • Simple traffic light logic: The colors navigate safely through the cooking process and help you to select the cooking temperature and time that will enable optimal and energyefficient cooking. Yellow indicates that the heat source can be turned down. Green shows that the selected cooking setting has been reached. And red warns that the temperature of the heat source is too high.
  • Positioning aid: A metal tongue on the lid makes it easy to correctly position the lid on the cooker. And it can be closed effortlessly due to the newly designed rim.
  • Locking indicator: An audible "click" and the color display in the handle indicate that the cooker is properly closed and ready for cooking. Only then can the pressure begin to build up.
  • Removable handles and control valve: For easy cleaning and simple storage in the kitchen cabinet. The conical shape makes it possible to stack several pots.
  • For all stoves: The time-tested cookstar all-stove base permits use on all types of stoves, even induction.
  • Depressurizing setting: The vitavit® premium and the vitavit® edition offer a special depressurizing setting on the control valve that permits individually controlled steam release - with no need to hold the slide release.
  • Measuring scale: A measuring scale in the inside of the pot body of the vitavit® premium and the vitavit® edition makes it easy to measure liquids.

Practical accessories - for even more control

  • Intelligent cooking assistant: Supplied with the vitavit® edition is the vitacontrol cooking assistant, which can also be used with the vitavit® premium. With optical and acoustical signals, it informs you when the right cooking temperature has been reached, for example, shows the cooking time, and signals when the food is done. The vitacontrol is simply placed on the control valve.


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