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The new Fissler arcana® cast iron range for the traditional kitchen

Idar-Oberstein, 11/02/2011

When the leaves slowly start to turn color, the days get shorter, and the evenings are cooler, people start to long for the kind of foods that taste like home and give them a cozy feeling. On a day like that, what could warm your heart better than a beautiful roast? Whether stewed or grilled to a crisp in the oven, whether a sauerbraten or a St. Martin’s goose, as a holiday dinner or for no particular reason - no other meal can convey such a feeling of conviviality and coziness and at the same time be so festive. To make sure that your roasts will be even more delicious in the future, and tender and juicy, the cookware experts at Fissler are launching the new arcana® cast iron range just in time for the roasting season. Especially friends of traditional cooking can look forward to its premium quality roasters, pots and pans.

Relishing roasts from crisp...

Cookware made of cast iron lends itself especially to slow cooking, so it is veritably predestined for delicious roasts. The typical flavor of cast iron, resulting from its patina, quietly adds additional flavor while helping the meat’s own flavor to develop. This patina forms on the surface once the cookware has been used several times and gives the foods cooked in it a distinctive character. It also provides a natural nonstick effect. The roast can be seared at a high temperature without the addition of a lot of fat, before it is placed in the oven - to become amazingly tender inside.

... to juicy
Another advantage of cast iron, one of particular benefit for pot roasts, is its outstanding heat storage and distribution properties. It ensures that the roast will be evenly cooked on all sides and incredibly juicy. A tiny detail with a powerful effect are the cast iron nubs on the inside of the lid. They help the liquid to circulate in the closed roaster - so that the roast can stew in its own juice and will turn out really tender and juicy and full of flavor.

Seasoning is the secret
As you see, a cast iron roaster is a great help in developing the flavor of any roast. For the very fine nuances, however, herbs and other seasonings are responsible. A sauerbraten, for instance, would be like any other roast if it were not marinated in juniper, bay and cloves. Likewise, it is a little cinnamon and anise that give the holiday duck its characteristic Christmas touch. And who could imagine a saddle of lamb without rosemary? Of course, spices and herbs can do much more than this. The bitter constituents in mugwort, for example, make fatty meats easier to digest. Caraway has a similar effect due to its essential oils.

Cast iron: Economical and uncomplicated

With its optimal heat absorption and storage, cookware made of cast iron is extremely energy-efficient. The enameling also protects the material from the penetration of dirt, odors and moisture. Besides, the smooth surface is extremely scratchresistant and can be easily cleaned after cooking. A little hot water and a paper towel will do the trick - and maintain the patina.

In addition to pots, various pans, a grill platter, and a wok, the arcana® cast iron range from Fissler also includes roasters in five different sizes in the colors red (high gloss) and black (matt). The products can be used on all types of stoves, including induction, and the roasters are ovenproof to 250° C.

About Fissler
Fissler GmbH has stood for high-quality cookware for decades. The company has been granted more than 200 patents and utility models in the past 50 years alone. The German family enterprise was founded in 1845 in Idar-Oberstein by Carl Philipp Fissler. Today the brand stands for cooking with pleasure and passion and is one of the world’s leading brands for high-quality cookware. The family enterprise employs a workforce of over 780. Fissler premium products are "Made in Germany" and distributed in more than 70 countries.


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