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The new Fissler bionic knife is the knife sensation of 2013 for anyone who loves high quality knives that are always sharp. With this innovation, the manufacturer of premium cookware has now also a top position in knife expertise. The bionic knife was developed according to a paradigm of nature. It works in line with the beaver tooth principle, in which the back of the tooth is subjected to greater wear than the front side. As a result, the beaver’s teeth are always sharp. The same holds true for the new Fissler bionic knife, whose patented technology has perfected this principle. And a blade which always remains sharp means maximum cutting comfort.

Functionality: No more resharpening
A beaver’s teeth consist of two materials – the softer dentin and a layer of extremely hard enamel. These two materials wear away at different rates, so that there is always a sharp biting edge. The blade of the bionic knife also has two degrees of hardness, and its sharpness results from the same principle. One side of the blade has a patented, ultra-hard special coating, which makes this side of the blade practically as hard as diamond. The knife steel and the coating react in daily use like the dentin and enamel do in the case of the beaver’s tooth.

  • The Fissler bionic knives never need to be resharpened. As a result of the differing degrees of wear of the two sides of the blades, the bionic knives not only remain sharp, but remain sharp forever, so they guarantee perfect, easy cutting.
  • The Fissler bionic knives are provided with the Fissler e-protect special polishing. This electronic milling process provides additional polishing to the stainless steel surface and thus provides reliable protection from moisture and corrosion, particularly at the transition to the handle.
  • Quality that is Made in Germany: The Fissler bionic knives are made by hand in the Solingen knife center of excellence.
  • The bionic signet that is engraved on the bolster* of the knife is based on the form of beaver teeth and accentuates its intelligent and sophisticated fusion of nature and technology.
  • Fissler is distributing a limited edition of the bionic knife to stores, in two models: as a large chef’s knife (20 cm) and as a Santoku knife (18 cm).

Easy to handle:

  • The knives have slip-proof handles made of high-quality, fiberglass reinforced plastic, for a firm grip while cutting.
  • The ergonomic form of the handle and the harmonious balance of the knife make it possible to cut comfortably for long periods of time without fatigue.
  • With the seamless transition between the bolster and the handle, liquids and food residues cannot collect. This makes the knives durable and easy to clean.

* The bolster is a thickening in the middle of the knife that forms the transition from the handle to the blade.

Overview: Fissler bionic knives
1. bionic chef’s knife (20 cm)
The all-around knife for chopping herbs and for cutting meat, fruits, vegetables and fish.

2. bionic Santoku knife (18 cm)
The all-around knife for Asian cuisine, also known as the “Knife of Three Virtues.” It is perfect for cutting fish, meat and vegetables.

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